Meet Samantha Liang

Hello, I am Samantha Liang, owner and creator in chief of all the beautifully hand crafted cakes and sugar flowers. I live in Milnerton, Cape Town, with my husband, 2 kids and 2 cats.

My cake journey began 8 years ago with novelty and birthday cakes and after finding myself in a rut making the same cake over and over again I took a break and joined a local bakery. There I fine tuned my skills and developed my own style of cake design and realised that I was becoming obsessed with sugar flowers. In 2018 I ventured out on my own and officially started Samantha Liang Cake Artistry. In 2019 I received a great honor of becoming a South Bakels Brand Ambassador. I have hosted classes both online and in-person, done demonstrations and written tutorials since stepping out on my own. It’s been quite the busy few years!

When I am not taking commissions, I am sharing my knowledge of all things cake and sugar flower related with students across the country via in-person or online training.

I cannot wait to create an unforgettable cake for your wedding or special celebration adorned with a beautiful selection of handcrafted sugar flowers that will bring your vision to life!

I look to the future with stars in my eyes as I push the boundaries of my craft and explore new possibilities!